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My name is Kai, and I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Marine Physical Laboratory at Scripps at UCSD.

I am interested in passive acoustic tomography and passive acoustic algorithms for localization and tracking applications. In my free time I enjoy hiking, sailing, as well as cooking / baking bread.

Contact Information:
Email: gemba[@]ucsd.edu
Office: (858) 822-0940
Last Updated: Jan. 24th, 2015


Quote of the moment:

Live life as it comes, but don’t be involved in it.
Let it come, don’t reject it.
If nothing comes keep contented and sit quiet
This is a true Teaching.

Still some doubts and notions and unworthiness seem to arise.

Doubts and notions belong to the past. Now no more doubts or notions will touch you. Just laugh at them when they arise! Grace knows nothing about unworthiness or worthiness. Throw a flower or spit into the ocean and it responds the same. Unworthiness is just mind baggage. Unworthiness is only your ego postponing its own destruction.
The Self doesn’t mind that the mind goes to Europe because Europe is in the Self. Go anywhere and you will be taken care of. The problems arise when the ego takes the burden of controlling itself. Identify with the Self and the mind will go nowhere.

~ Papaji (1910 - 1997)